Wednesday, 23 October 2013

SPAD METRICS – A Tool to check your Testing Project’s Health

SPAD comes with a rich Dashboard that lets you get a quick view of what’s happening in your software testing all the time; View the Reports in form of Graphs, Charts and Statistics around your Issues, Tests and Runs in a powerful presentation format.

SPAD is exclusive web-based status and metrics reporting software to efficiently manage, track and organize your software testing efforts. You and your team members can get near-real-time insights into your testing progress, detect issues early, and boost productivity.  It not only spots trends, report metrics but reflect intelligent information like the velocity, ETA, planned and actual test cases per day, per week, per month, or module-wise blockers.  It enables your QA Management, Project Management and Senior Management team analyze better and monitor testers performance and a high level decision making.

Data for all the reports is accessed from the Target Process and presented in form of graphs and tables, which are automatically generated.

Monday, 17 June 2013

BFSI Quality Assurance Specialists

For many years, some of the best Technology Companies have depended on Software Assurance, LLC to verify and validate the robustness of their systems. We offer independent Testing services including functional testing, usability testing, test automation, performance testing, API testing, and more. 

We ensure that your software continuously meets your needs and deliver substantial business value. We have been helping enterprise customers and independent software vendors with our testing services for over 6 years. We have served customers from Banking and Finance, Web-based Products, Commercial off-the-shelf Solutions, Mobile solutions and various other domains.

Quality challenges most companies face are:

ü  Delays in the Software delivery
ü  Outage impacting your brand value
ü  Building in-house testing capabilities drains your IT payroll budgets.

We have produced measurable results to our esteemed clientele by optimizing QA processes and reducing post production defects by 35%. Reduced test failures due to unavailable test data by 50% and 15% overall project savings in case of downtime or discrepancies. We have the following expertise and have performed Testing specifically in Banking Domain includes the follow for loan products, lease products, and card product:

ü  Line of Credit and Installment Loan management. Core Card – Load Management
ü  Cash Advances
ü  ACH and NACHA files
ü  Pricing and APRs and Taxation's
ü  Online Payments
ü  Integration with Banking
ü  Integration with Payroll Providers
ü  Cards Activation and Rewards based on MLM
ü  Integration with Card Processor
ü  Risk and Decisioning. Provenir – Decision Engine
ü  Lease Management
ü  State & Federal Regulations
ü  eCommerce

We would be happy to setup a short call to discuss your quality challenges and share ways we can help with our team of testing specialists who have extensive banking and finance domain expertise. Many thanks and feel free to ask for more Information and knowledge documents from us.